Corners - More Than Just Angles

Corners are important decorative principles in both architecture and feng shui, and proper corner construction and utilization are important for designing strong and inviting rooms within your office or home. In construction, the corner serves as the primary joint allowing the foundation to deliver strength to the walls. As a construction concept, corners are strongest when built as a part of one another instead of one wall incidentally creating a corner by intersecting an adjoining wall and branching into a second room.

The principle of feng shui involves creating a circular plan within any type of room. While feng shui concepts will settle for rectangular or square rooms, other room designs, such a T and L-shape are difficult spaces to apply the ideas of feng shui. Feng shui uses the idea of an octagonal area with different aspects of life applied to each of the eight sides.

When both ideas are approached in unison, corners in architecture and feng shui both integrate complicated applications and ideas that mesh seamlessly together. The marriage of both principles results in a floor plan that allows for optimal design appeal and adequate flow of energy. For those seeking information about corner utilization in construction and feng shui, there are numerous resources available.